October 2020

Welcome Back

The return to school after the summer break is usually an exciting and sometimes emotional time. It can bring a mixture of apprehension, excitement and possibly even relief at a return to normality. However, there is little doubt that September 2020 has been one like no other. Covid-19 has created a wave of uncertainty, unknowns and change for us all. There is a new normal and new priorities as we journey through term one.

Reopening our school safely has been the result of a substantial and collective effort from our stakeholders including the Board of Management, the entire school staff, parents, pupils and the wider community.

Keeping our school open will take a community effort and we thank everyone for the roles they have played in ensuring that our school reopened safely and continues to remain open.

We give a particular mention to our new junior infants:  Skye, Corey, James, Andrew, Riley, Jack and Daithí and to our new pupils, Shannon, Amelia and Dylan. We hope that they will enjoy their time with us and we look forward to seeing them grow and develop over the next few years.

Catholic Ethos

Unfortunately the school closures meant that First Communion was postponed last April. We now look forward to celebrating this special occasion on Saturday, 10th October and we wish all our First Communicants and their families well as they celebrate this special sacrament. Thank you to Ms. Lacey who continues to prepare the children for First Penance and First Communion.

Child Safeguarding

We are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all children in our care. Our Child Safeguarding Statement is on display in the front entrance hall. Our Child Protection and Anti-Bullying Policy were reviewed in March 2020. The designated Liaison Person is Ms. Browne and the Deputy Designated Liaison Person is Mrs. Prendergast.

We operate a policy of kindness and respect for others which is incorporated into our Wellbeing and S.P.H.E. lessons. Our school motto is ‘Kind Hands, Kind Feet, Kind Words’ and all children are reminded of these simple words to help promote positive behaviour in the classroom and on the playground.

Health &Safety

Our School Covid Response Plan is continually being reviewed and updated. Thank you to all parents who have co-operated fully with this plan. There has been tremendous goodwill from everyone and it is greatly appreciated. Please continue to take all necessary precautions and do not send your child to school if they are unwell or have any symptoms consistent with COVID. This is to protect all pupils, staff and the wider community.

We would like to remind parents of their responsibilities while using the carpark. Please drive carefully at all times and do not obstruct the entrance or exit to the carpark or the walkway where children cross.

Please ensure that your child’s medical form has been returned and if there is any change in your child’s health condition or any other circumstances that teachers need to be made aware of please contact the school office for a form.

Healthy Eating Policy

We operate a healthy eating policy and we ask parents co-operation in ensuring that this is upheld. Please do not send in any fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate or crisps. Kilberry NS is a nut free zone. Please do not send in any foods for lunch that may contain nuts.

Clothes Collection

Our fundraising efforts have been greatly hampered due to Covid-19. Our clothes collection will take place on 13th October and all monies raised will go towards the running costs of the school. Our overheads have unfortunately increased and government grants do not meet all of these costs.

Mobile Phones

As per our school’s Mobile Phone Policy, any child who urgently needs to take a phone to school is required to have the phone switched off and handed up to the class teacher at the beginning of the school day. In the interests of Child Protection, Children are not permitted to use a mobile phone on school grounds or during any school related activity.

Book Bills

Many thanks to all those who paid their book bills so promptly, your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

All remaining book bills must be cleared as soon as possible, the school is not in a financial position to carry this debt.

School Uniform

We must commend the children on wearing their beautiful uniform, of which we are very proud.  A number of parents have expressed confusion over the school tracksuit and I thank those who have brought this to our attention. We are aware that some parents have purchased generic navy tracksuit bottoms as a result. The school uniform policy remains unchanged. This includes the wearing of the crested school tracksuit top and bottoms. However, we do not wish to place unnecessary financial burdens on any parent and so wish to thank those for their assurances to purchase the correct uniform going forward. Tracksuits should only be worn on PE days (1st-6th)

Active Schools

Declan O’Toole from Leinster GAA is delivering a 6 weeks skills programme to all classes up to Mid-term break. The children are really enjoying these sessions and thank you to Declan for facilitating.

Upcoming Events:

Dyslexia Awareness Day: Thursday 8th October

First Communion: Saturday 10th October

Clothes Collection: Tuesday 13th October

Hallowe’en Dress Up: Friday 23rd October

Mid-term Break-School closes Friday 23rd October and re-opens Monday 2nd November