Meet the Staff…

We have a wonderful staff here in Kilberry National School who work diligently in partnership with the BOM and parents to provide the best education and learning environment possible for our pupils.
We have an excellent and dedicated teaching staff:

Junior & Senior Infants: Mrs. M. Prendergast

First & Second Class: Ms. S. Carter

Third & Fourth Class: Ms. J. Lacey

Fifth & Sixth Class: Mrs. A. McLernon

Learning Support: Ms. L. Browne/Mrs. R. Forde/Ms. A. Crosby/Mr. A. Corcoran

SNA: Mrs. C. Crowley

We also have an amazing ancillary staff who help to ensure the smooth operation of the school.

Secretary: Mrs. L. Coffey

Cleaner: Mrs. J. Eustace

Caretaker: Mr. N. Gleeson